About Cheshire Cath



Cheshire Cath is able to perform anything from the Classics through to today's modern Pop and Rock Sound.

Presented are a few examples to demonstrate Chesire Cath's ability:

There are eleven (11) full cover songs here on Soundcloud!!! 

Click on the 3 visible and arrow down for more!!!

Cheshire Cath is passionate about creating special memories!

Continually providing professional entertainment to brighten up any function, party or event!

Cheshire Cath can cater for most genres, tastes and audiences.

What is most important to Cheshire Cath - Is setting the scene that You are after! 
Have a listen to my short demo recording / video if you haven't yet heard me sing.....

I am Brisbane based and would normally travel between the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast....and can work with other fabulous guitarists, keyboardists, saxophone players too!

Flick me an email with YOUR dream explained and I will find the Sound you are searching for!

Always willing to consider travelling further.